Affiliate program

Affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to make money on the Internet by attracting clients by referal link .

Many companies pay a certain percentage of the first amount paid for the services of involved clients . Then again, you need to look for new customers, thereby expanding the customer base of the company. Sometimes, however, the number of involved users does not affect the amount of income .

However, we suggest you to take advantage of a great opportunity to become a member of a unique affiliate program on involving customers.

Terms of cooperation are very simple:
You attract potential clients by referal link . However, unlike other companies, we suggest you to earn not for us but together with us! With each payment made by the involved client, you get 20 %. That is, with each new customer your income increases and actually its size can reach one more salary.

To get a link for involving referrals, you should register in the billing system of the company and sign in under your unique ID- number and password in the section Client -> Affiliate Programs.

In case of using the promo code referral payments are not made.